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by on August 26, 2008


Well…I don’t like that photo of the Roman Gate of Trier in my last post!  It was a dark, cloudy, rainy day not to mention it was very late in the day when we came upon the gate.

We stayed in Trier another day and the sun came out so here another shot …


I am still in awe of the architecture of this ancient and gigantic structure.  I keep wondering: Did the people who built this gate have any inkling that it would still be standing one thousand and eight hundred years later?

Here also is the Roemerbruecke (Roman Bridge).  The oldest bridge in Germany, also built at the same time…2 A.D.


In this close-up, You can see that the architecture is similar to the gate…


We cycled past this bridge several times going to and from the campground and the center of Trier.

And look at this ancient little bridge…back in Ardeche…also built by the Romans according to the locals…


Next I will backtrack to the Cathedral de Notre Dame Strasbourg!


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shan August 27, 2008 at 12:19 am

well in answering the question, would the builders believe it would still be standing so many thousands of years forward? Yes they would if they were any kind of woman, we know whatever we do will consequence, FOREVER!

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