The Kirche in Ulm

by on August 4, 2008


From Kufstein in Austria we went north and we stopped in Ulm (Germany) for just a couple of hours to see a most beautiful Gothic church….The Ulmer Muenster …a few miles from Stuttgart…

Ulmer Meunster

When the Ulm church was built (circa 1377) it had the highest church spiral in the world.   But just a few miles away The Cathedral Notre Dame of Strasbourg, France  also claims to have had the highest spiral in the world…and it was built around the same time.   One should note that while Strasbourg is now a French city it was Strasburg…a Germany city…up until the time that it was relinquished to France as part of the Versailles Treaty after World War I.

So both of these gothic churches are German built…and I am sorry to say that the French churches are not as lovingly cared for as the German ones.

Catheral Notre-Dame of Strasbourg

The stain glass in these churches is exquisite.  I will put up some slides as soon as I find a decent internet cafe…where I can think clearly.  As I write this post we are sitting amid the noise and chaos of a MacDonald’s (god forbid!) in the French town of Rochefort.  It is the only place that we could find with a [public] internet connection. 


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