Where the Donau, the Ilz and the Inn Meet.

by on July 23, 2008


We thought about living in Passau once.  A couple of years ago Slice saw on the internet a 300-year old monastery up for sale.  Dare I say…it needed renovations?  The architect’s dream.  Well…we forgot to look for that particular monastery but…Passau is a very old and scenic spot.

We stayed at a campingplatz that was a 10km (6.5mi) bike ride along the Donau from the town. This is part of the 200km+ (130mi) bike path that runs along the river between Vienna and Passau.  So all along the way to and in Passau we encountered many long-haulers…(notice the saddle bags?)…

Long Haul Biker Passau

Accommodation…more commonly called pensions…for hikers and bikers can be found all along the Donau bike route.  I would like to do one of the bicycle tours where your luggage magically arrives at your next over-night destination. 

Here is one of the less quaint and less romantic bike inns found near the heart of Passau…

Bike Hotel Passau

One of our first memorable encounters in Passau was this almost-100-year-old power station (circa 1927).  We passed this as we cycled into town.  The bike path goes across the river right along the front of this majestic structure.  It was thrilling to ride along here…

Power Station Passau

And this is the town hall in Passau.  In this photo, you cannot see the beautiful paintings on the face of the lower part of this building between the windows.  Watch for a close up in the slide show….

Townhall Passau

And this sign on the front of the town hall says that a Fish Market was here in the plaza from the year 1000 to 1842.  Can you imagine what a market would have been like almost 1000 years ago in the front of this building?

A Fish Market Since 1000

If you look at the town hall photo again….notice in the lower right-hand corner of the building this record of high water marks from floods.  This building is facing the Donau…a hop,  skip and a jump to the banks.  The highest mark was in the year 1502.   Reading down the record of water marks…from high to low it is almost chronological.  From the highest in 1502 to the next in 1595 then 1954, 1787, 1862, 1899, 1895, with 2002 being the lowest water mark.  Almost all the floods occur in the summer months with the exception of 1862 when it occurred in February.  Brrrrrrrrr.

Flood Water Marks Passau

So here are two slides shows around the streets of Passau and tomorrow…guess what…a Kirche !

Passau Slides 1 and Passau Slides 2


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shan July 24, 2008 at 1:43 pm

what a beautiful, quaint town. love the sun clocks, and the garden, at the fork in the road. great pics, you really capture the charm! thanks for sharing your trip. oh!!, and the doors, i keep thinking, they really don’t make things how they used to, and sometimes that is a shame.

rmw July 24, 2008 at 3:58 pm

Wow. the slides are wow.
SLice is looking very svelte also.
Bike riding is good for you obviously.

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