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by on July 20, 2008


I didn’t get to do Heidelberg justice.  Access to the internet at the moment is sparse and rushed.

I wanted to tell you about the many odd-looking barges that one sees going up and down the rivers.   They are incredibly long and who knows what is being carried.   This is on the Neckar River at Heidelberg…


And look at the load these barges carry compared to semi-truck or train tanks…

Barge Loads

You can hardly see him but Slice is standing at the end of this barge in Passau on the Donau River…

Barge on the Donau

But more about Hedielberg.  Its historical record dates back to the year 1196.   It has the oldest University in Germany established in 1386 and a castle (Circa 1303) that is described as “Germany’s largest and most beautiful ruin.”  Almost destroyed in a war of recession in 1689-1693 and then hit by lightening in 1764, the castle ruin was “already fascinating visitors 200 years ago.”  (Quoting a Karl’s Square sign post.)

Here are two more slide shows of Heidelberg: another tour of the streets including the castle.

And a tour of the Holy Ghost Church, first established in 1239 and later rebuilt.  The corner stone of the present-day structure was laid in 1398.

Coming up is Passau…where the Donau (aka the Danube), the Inn and the Ilz rivers meet. 

Sadly…we could not enter St Stevens Church which has the largest organ in the world (18,000 pipes) because it was under renovation. Wats! 

St Stevens Church   But there is more than one church in Passau….

Another Church in Passau

Until…the next post.


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