Colmar, A Medieval Marvel

by on June 18, 2008


This is the last of the Ueberlingen photos.   A few more of the 500 year-old church which is called the St Nicolas Minster and it was first establish in 1350…so it is more than 500 years old.   Wahnsinn!

Near the end of this this slide set is another church…also first establish in the 14th century but the interior is 18th Century Baroque.  It is called the Franciscan Church.

A final note…Ueberlingen was founded in 1180 by Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa.

Next comes another medieval marvel but in France…just across the German border.  Slice says this is a well kept secret…Colmar!   Here we camped for three days in a beautiful spot next to a river. 

D'Ill Campground, Colmar

In the evenings and early mornings we had the company of Storks…I could never get close enough to get a good photo.  And it was just a 10 minute ride to the center of a beautifully preserved medieval village.

Streets of Colmar

Streets of Colmar

More of those photos tomorrow. 

And in case you haven’t noticed…the previous post is a little diversion for you…a Bali Temple feature.


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