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by on June 2, 2008


We’ve taken about 6000 photos and the odd video since we started this trip.  Of course…most of them are not publish-worthy.  If I’m lucky I get one excellent photo every 300 shots.   And since we started riding the bicycles many of the photos have been taken on the run with no time to “compose”.  Half the time I can’t even see what is in the frame because…well if you have a late model digital camera then you know there is no view finder and if it is a bright sunny day the image on the camera’s LCD is impossible to see.  I am always amazed that engineers can bring to market a product they’ve designed but have never actually used.  Happens all the time with computer software.  Anyway…I just point and shoot and try not to crash the bike. 

Vienna is a beautiful city. Many people say it is second only to Paris.  I scanned through our photos and tried to pick out the very best of Vienna.  It is rich in character.   You can find 30 shots of Vienna here .

I’ve also put together a slide show of the best of today’s bicycle journey around Munich.  Most of these are around the Palace of Maximillian, the Bavarian King of long ago.

Now seriously 75% of these photos are taken while I’m on the bike trying to keep up with Slice.   I was lucky today with a brilliant sunny day.

I have two more slide shows of Munich in the works for tomorrow’s post…provided I survive an early morning surf at the Ice Box (just kidding!)


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shan June 3, 2008 at 12:15 am

i love this compilation of vienna, i am soo happy you are taking pictures on the fly, i feel like i am seeing the best of vienna. my absolute favorite photo in this bunch, is slice in the schwartzenberg, usually i could pick him out of a lineup from the back of the head shot, just a really nice intimate photo, i felt like i was sitting at the table with you. i sat and watched the loop seriously no less than 6 times. thanks so much for sharing this wonderful moment in your lives.

rmw June 3, 2008 at 7:44 pm

Bravo. Enjoying, every day looking forward to seeing what you are doing.
Thanks for sharing a wonderful journey.
The pictures look professional to me.

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