Bike Traffic in Munich

by on May 31, 2008


This is a follow up to my previous tirade about cycling in Munich.

Slice observes there are more bikes than cars on the road.  The roads are noticeably devoid of busy car traffic…unlike our last visit.   A friend in Frankfurt says people can no longer afford the petrol (at  about 1.50? per liter) and there is definitely a swelling of bike traffic.

The beginning of peak hour traffic on a Friday (30th May) afternoon…Slice in the orange shirt.

Around Schwabing in Munich

And this is in front of a local shopping plaza…

Around Schwabing in Munich

As our friend Muzz in Sydney says “There are benefits to high petrol prices.”  Less cars on the road and he reports a movement in Sydney…cyclist advocate groups forming in every suburb…called bugs!  They have a long way to go to catchup with the infrastructure that Europe provides for biking.

You can find more photos in a short slide show here.



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