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by Ice on August 15, 2009


Here is an eclectic selection of fun photos from some of our recent walks around Kuala Lumpur.

We walk along this path almost daily…this leads down the hill where our flat is perched.  On the corner beneath the trees a gentleman usually sits. He manages the parking lot across the road (barely visiable to the right).   You may wonder why I am showing you this mundane shot.   It is to put the next photo into context.

The Rooster Hangout

This man manages the parking lot and behind him, up and over a hill, there is a palace that belongs to one of the many Sultans presiding over various Malaysian states.   On his knee sits one of the palace roosters!    In the two years that we have lived in this area…we’ve heard this cock crow and we encounter him often on our walks.   He is a rainbow-colored creature and he loves company.  Whenever this man is on the job…this rooster follows him around.

The Palace Roostesr

And here Slice is deep in conversation with our friend The Anarchist…one of the many colorful characters that we encounter on the streets of KL.

The Anarchist Bending Slice's Ear

On this day…he invited us to join him for a cup marsala chai…

Chai with our Friend, the Anarchist

He is fluent in English, Bahasa (Malay), French (worked in French Canada), Japanese (worked there for a year), Hindi (his family’s Mother tongue) and he is now learning German.   He loves Hillary Clinton and wants her to be the next US President!


The next few shots are from a Friday afternoon stroll around Little Indian…

Flowers for the Hindu faithful to take to the Temple…

Temle Flowers in Little India, KL

A stroll following Friday afternoon prayers at the Mosque…

Walking around Little India

And moving now toward the Pavillion at Bukit Bintang. Slice on one of the back streets…


This is the new fountain in front of the Pavillion.

New Fountain at Pavillion Mall in KL

This is the best place in the Pavillion food hall…to get egg tarts…a favourite Chinese Hong Kong delicacy…and I love them too!


Fresh from the oven! Ooooo yum!

The Best Egg Tarts Ever

Next posts will come from Bali .


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