The Black Beach (Saba), Bali

by Ice on August 27, 2009


On our way to Ubud, we stopped at Saba Beach which is not far from Sanur. Here Slice is trekking across a parcel of for-sale land on his way…

Saba Beach Bali

…to a black (volcanic) sandy beach….

Saba Beach Bali

The view up the beach….

Saba Beach Bali

…and down the beach…..

Saba Beach Bali

And behind us…a deserted hotel !

Saba Beach Bali

Completely deserted !!!

Desserted Hotel at Saba Beach

Desserted Hotel at Saba Beach Bali

And finally…the bizarre…wayward thongs washed up on the shore from the sea. They are all over the beach.


Wayward Thongs at Saba Beach Bali

Other than the thongs and a little bit of sea grass and palm leaf debris this is a beautiful deserted beach!


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shan August 31, 2009 at 1:21 am

when i was reading the email the pics hadn’t come up, and when you said thongs i was picturing all kinds of swimsuit bottoms, then the pics came up, and i said, OH, thongs!

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