A Few Street Sights Around Phnom Pehn

by Ice on August 13, 2011


Just a few shots from our first foray into the streets of Phnom Pehn…

A view of the Cozyna hotel from the riverside…the red entry way is our hotel.

A neat old building….

I thought there were an inordinate number of monks roaming around Phnom Pehn. Then we realized there is a Buddhist University just down the street. There we found these three monks…texting away!

The ubiquitious motorcycle…

An auspicious tree….

On the other side of the tree…selling lotus flowers for temple visitis…

And I’ll leave you with this little heartbreaker. We ran into her a couple times today outside of our hotel. She was selling little seed and string bracelets 3 for $1.00 (US). I paid my dollar but took only one. I asked her where she learned to speak such good English. I go to school. She is 7 years old. And when she smiled…her teeth were totally black and looked so painful.


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