Eating in Phnom Penh

by Ice on August 14, 2011


Last night at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club…better known as the FCC…we had a sampling of Khmer Sweets. They look similar to sweets you find in Indonesia and Malaysia but they don’t use coconut as much and instead of palm sugar…which is dark brown and has a delicious caramel taste…these desserts were sweetened with a unique tasting and very sticky honey.

The pink and green pieces are hard to describe…made with rice flour and probably sago. The black pieces are black sticky rice…my favorite in this sampling. The yellow pieces are stuffed bananas…not sure what the filling was. And the little bowl was a combination of beans, sago and honey and coconut milk. The beans were black-eyed beans.

Sago is a starchy tapioca-like ingredient. It is a staple food in many parts of Asia.

Tonight we ate at a little Khmer restaurant…the Khmer Savaran.

Morning Glory with Garlic…a water plant with little purple flowers…

Red curry with fish, eggplant, green beans, potato in coconut milk…

And Cambodian fried rice with chicken…

Slice had two local beers. I had a glass of merlot. All for $US16.00.

So I’ll leave you with another little heart-breaker.

This little girl was also peddling bracelets. These children are exceedingly polite. Slice said he didn’t want to buy a thing but he gave her 500 riel. She immediately said thank you. And took a minute to neatly stow the cash. Then she asked if he would like to buy a book. No thank you. What about a scarf for your wife? Thank you but no thank you. To which she smiled and thanked him again for the money and off she went.


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rmwyatt August 14, 2011 at 1:17 am

at least she earned some money. Wow
the curry dish would be my favorite and maybe
the fried chicken it all looks delicious

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