Views of a Famous Kuala Lumpur Landmark at Night

by on March 13, 2009


Whenever you talk to the locals about these twins known as the Petronas Towers the discussion always leads to how tall they are in the scheme of tallest buildings in the world.   They were at one time or another the tallest or the tallest twin towers but are now out done by a building in Taiwan and another one that is under construction in Dubai…I think! 

Here is a view of the Petronas Towers as we see them in the evening from one of the balconies of the flat in which we live.


This is a view of the Towers about a block away from the building at a popular photo spot.   Tourist buses are seen at this spot day and  night while  their passengers hop off to take photos of the towers.


And this is a view of the towers from way up in the hills…


These towers are usually lit until about 3am.   We wonder what the electricity bill is like.


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