The Mother of All Second Hand Shops in KL

by Ice on November 28, 2012


This post is for our friend RE. He has left Slice and Ice in charge of furnishing his new corporate flat in Kuala Lumpur.

Being the fiscally responsible type and a man who loves a bargain, Slice quickly located a massive seconds joint.

This isn’t just any seconds joint. They have three warehouses and as I write we are waiting for this monsoon…

to abate so that we make our way to their most GINORMOUS location which is housed in an underground car park. Three acres of seconds? I cannot imagine!

Our first priority is to locate some beds. Since Kedai Kaki Lelong gets a lot of their stock from hotels we felt sure we could find something suitable! We found heaps of mattresses!

And we picked this one out especially for Miss C …

With the money we save on beds we can fit this into the budget: a fabulous Jewish Baroque sofa set! We know RE will just love this! And it is so comfortable.

But now we need to replace a rather boring chandelier that hangs in the cathedral-like living area and we thought this marvelous piece would go nicely with the sofa! Just to put it in perspective, this chandelier is approximately 2 meters (6 feet) across. James, the Proprietor told us that this piece originally hung in a very prestigious government building used to entertain dignitaries and the original purchase price was $US360,000. So it’s a bargain at MYR70,000 ($US23,000).

Oh! Or maybe this one! We can’t decide. This came from Masjid Jamek.

Oh and wait until you see the dining set which will go perfectly with the chandelier and the sofa!

Now we’ll need some lamps…

And some crockery…

A beer jug…we’re really not crazy about this brand of beer but we love the logo!

And maybe some linen…

Finally…we’re thinking of running a bicycle rental business out of the new corporate flat. Look what we found! I counted over 30 of these brand new (and I mean still in the original wrapping) electric bikes.

The Kedai Kaki Lelong Shop. There are 4 locations. We did make it to the three acre warehouse. Unbelievable. Here are just a few of the 200 shots I took…

Oh Look! A brand new King size latex bed! I wonder if we can take the other mattress back?

All I wanted to do was get in there and organize the place!

What fun!

You can find the contact details and a map to Kedai Kaki Lelong shops at this website.


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Ice April 26, 2016 at 9:44 am

Hello Catherine
We are not the shop. We just visited this place.
You can contact them here

Hornet May 23, 2016 at 10:58 am


I got below good condition used household items for sale urgent due to wanted clearance all stok for sale the house and go oversea soon.

if you can help to move out all items from Bangi Selangor house to your warehouse,I will sold all items to you at reasonable prices.Because of no time to sell all items one by one.You must have 20 feet length lorry to move all items.Please check attached list for household items you want.

No. Brand Model Description Qty Cust Price Expectation
1. Electrolux Bag Vacuum Cleaner.(New Condition n Never Use) 1 RM 450
2. Samsung Used 2 Doors Fridge Good Condition 1 RM 800
3. Samsung Used Washing Machine Good Condition 1 RM 600
4. Pensonic Used Multicooker Good Condition 1 RM 50
5. ELBA Used Rice Cooker Good Condition 1 RM 60
6. ELBA Used Slow Cooker Good Condition 1 RM 70
7. ELBA Used Microwave Good Condition 1 RM 400
8. Branded Used DVD Player Good Condition 1 RM 200
9. Branded Used Home Theatre Set Good Condition 1 RM 400
10. Branded Used Energy water filter system Good Condition 1 RM 300
11. Hesstar Used 29” Flat TV Good Condition 1 RM 200
12. Hesstar Used water heater set with pump Good Condition 1 RM 400
13. 3V Used 3V Drying Clothes Rack Good Condition 1 RM 100
14. Takasima TK-251 Bravo Treatmill Never Use n New Condition 1 RM 3000
15. Marcy MAR-BE5527 Marcy Weight Bench With Barbell Bar n Star Collar Never Use n New Condition 1 RM 1300
16. MAXX MAX-BE5530 MAXX Fitness Pro Bench Never Use n New Condition 1 RM 350
17. MAXX MAX-RP Cast Iron Weight Plates Never Use n New Condition 10KG 2 RM 204
18. MAXX MAX-RP Cast Iron Weight Plates Never Use n New Condition 5KG 2 RM 102
19. MAXX MAX-RP Cast Iron Weight Plates Never Use n New Condition 2.5KG 8 RM 208
20. MAXX MAX-RP Cast Iron Weight Plates Never Use n New Condition 1.25KG 8 RM 104
21. MAXX MAX-RP Cast Iron Weight Plates Never Use n New Condition 0.5KG 4 RM 21
22. MAXX MAX-RP Dumbbell Bars With Star Collar Never Use n New Condition 2 RM100
23. 3V Used 3V Good Quality Foldable Table 1 RM 80
24. Branded Used Korea Brand multi purposed blender Good Condition 1 RM 150
25. Penasonic Used 12” Table Fan Good Condition 1 RM 80
26. Used 4 doors wooden wardrobe 1 RM 500
27. Delta Used double swing door steel cabinet 1 RM 400
28. Delta Used delta fully adjustable ergonomic office new n good condition chair 1 RM 400
29. Used High back old office chair 1 RM 50
30. Used office wooden table with drawer 1 RM 200
31. Used makeup wooden table with mirror n chair 1 RM 200
32. Used king size wooden bedding with mattress 1 RM 500
33. Used wooden bedside table with drawer 1 RM 80
34. Used single mattress 1 RM 100
35. Used wooden dining table with 4 chairs 1 RM 300
36. Used wooden coffee Table 1 RM 150
37. Used wooden 5’ length TV cabinet 1 RM 500
38. Used leather 3 seat sofa 1 RM 600
39. Used wooden folding tables 4 RM 200
40. Curtain for 4 panel sliding glass door (never use n new condition) 2 RM 200
41. Used plastic shoes rack 4 layers 1 RM 30
42. Different size of plastic storage drums 5 RM 20
43. Multiple tools n electric drill RM 50
44. Honda Wave 100 Honda wave 100 motorbike year 2003 with good servicing condition 1 RM 1300
45. SYM Starter 100 SYM 100 starter motorbike year 2015 with good servicing condition n less using record 1 RM 2900

Ice June 30, 2016 at 4:08 pm

I am really sorry you spent all that time creating the list. We are not the shop! We just visited the shop and wrote about our visit.
You can find the shop here

Warinee Haefliger February 18, 2017 at 5:32 pm

Thank you for sharing. I am a newcomer to Kuala Lumpur and I love second hands shop. These ll help us a lot .Thank you.

Ice February 19, 2017 at 11:15 am

Hello Warinee
They have two or three shops. They are fun places to visit and tons of stuff to mine.
Have fun.

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