The Wohnmobile is gone!

by on September 28, 2008


Sadly, the Wohnmobile has been sold!  But not without a little bit of drama….


Yes! That is the Wohnmobile being towed.  We drove over 8,000 kms without a hitch and 30 minutes away from meeting a prospective ebay buyer the Wohnmobile died on us.

Lucky for us we were in Vienna and had just pulled into the parking lot of small shopping center to turnaround when it sputtered out utterly and completely.  Within thirty minutes, the OAMTC (like the AAA or NRMA) was on the scene to diagnose the problem and just shortly after that a tow truck arrived…all a part of our road membership.

But the prospects…there were several (yahoo ebay!)…were not deterred and a few days later we did a deal.

Boohoo (we miss it) and Yeah (what a relief…only 14 days left to go)

Bye bye Wohnmobile.

Now the bicycles!


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