News from Munich, Surfing, Biking and Oktoberfest

by on September 19, 2008


We spent last week in Munich.  We wanted to see our friend The Major again before we depart Europe (in 4 weeks).  We also had some interest from some Munich-based Wohnmobile buyers.

This time in Munich we stayed at a very  nice campingplatz near the Isar River…


We had beautiful 5-kilometer bike rides along the river to the city
meandering through urban forests…


And just 100 meters from the entrance to the campsite is another city-surfing spot. (Remember this
Surfing at the Eisbach video)   Seriously I would like to see some of the Sydney-side surfers do this Munich-style surfing.  First you have to be able to just throw your board into the water and jump on it like this guy
is about to do…


Then you have to avoid the rocks when you go down! 

This is the youngest surfer we saw.  He had some help from Dad getting into the water but once he was in…he stayed up the longest (2 minutes)!

Youngest Surfer

Now what do you think these tents are all about …. ?


Oktoberfest!  Look at all the friggin tents!


By the time we left, there must have been over 1,000 tents set up here in preparation for the influx of young British and Australian tourists bussed in for Oktoberfest. 

Two days before we took these photos this sign appeared in the toilet blocks…


The paper dispensers were all completely removed.  Thank god we left before the action started!!!

Now which should I post first…a tour of campingplatz facilities or photos of the gorgeous cathedral that we saw when in Bourges, France?

Only 28 days left!


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