Troyes Cathedral

by on August 30, 2008


After Strasbourg (here’s the map again) we traveled to Troyes (say Twah). 

Along the way…we came across this little church…Eglise Saint Remi (circa 1300)…in Ceffonds…the stain glass windows in this church are some of the oldest remaining in France (circa 1500’s).


I found a description in an architectural and heritage guide that reads…Eglise Saint Remi […] holds the jewel of Renaissance stained-glass from the Troyenne school in the 16th century


The best photos in this slide show of Eglise St Remi were taken by Slice.  The church was reconstructed in the 1300’s which means it has an even older history.   Notice the eerie green glow on the walls of the church where algae and moss are growing.   It is in desperate need of restoration.

Then check out the streets of Troyes and see more examples of
beautiful stained-glass in the Cathedrale of St Pierre St Paul in Troyes.

Coming up…slides of the beautiful and colorful Roman church in Portier (circa 1000…as I recall).  I gave you a preview of the St Peter St Paul church in Portier a few posts back. 


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