Castles and Trees at Bad Homburg

by on June 17, 2008


Oh I know I promised a 500 year-old church today but we went for a stroll in an imperial park and I decided that we needed to balance things out with a bit of earthiness.

There are all these landscaped parks that were created by the various royal families for their personal pleasure.  Many of these parks are being restored here in Bad Homburg…and this one was finished last year.  It is absolutely incredible and more beautiful than any of the other parks I’ve seen to date.   I like it because it is in a rural setting and feels more natural…not as manicured as are many of the “royal” parks.  Quite apart from the green velvety expanses there is an abundance of heavenly-huge trees. 

It was yesterday afternoon that we strolled around the grounds of what is called Schloss Homburg….Schloss is the German word for castle or palace.  Bicycles were in hand because “Radfahren verboten!” in this park.

So this photo will get you started…that is the “watch tower” (?) of the palace in the background. The palace actually sits above and looks out over this park. 


And this is Slice at the foot of that watch tower…to give you a better idea of the scale and where it sits in relation to the park…


Here is a slide show of our stroll through the Schloss Homburg Garten. It consists mainly of trees with a few other interesting things thrown in. As you will see from trees that I have included from other parts of
the world…I love to collect trees…photographically that is.  I’ve included a few trees from Queensland and my absolute favourite tree from my Asia collection.  I have hundreds of tree photos.

Oh…alright…here is the 500 year-old church too!  It is in Ueberlingen.


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shan June 18, 2008 at 1:11 am

i love, love , love, the trees and the nature pics, i sat here (well that is pathetic) and was just captivated by all of there splendor. thank you soo much, love it. and that 500 year old church, STUNNING! if i knew how to say bravo to you in german, i would!

shan June 18, 2008 at 1:13 am

i know it’s not there, it’s their, my grammar stinks, sorry.

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